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Pontiac Aztec Cars For Sale In Australia

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Pontiac Aztec cars for sale. This listings include Pontiac Aztec Cars from the Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Pontiac well known by the Aztec model. All Pontiac models you can see here. pontiac for sale in Australia

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The original Pontiac Aztek mid-size crossover premiered in Detroit in 2000 and began production in 2001 at GM's Mexican plant in Ramos Arispe. The car was the first GM crossover to combine the qualities of an SUV and a minivan and was marketed as an outdoor recreational vehicle (SRV). In the first year, 27322 cars were produced.

Aztek is designed on the T240 platform of the Montana minivan. 5-door 5-seater station wagon body with a reinforced base and has an extraordinary appearance (designer Wayne Cherry),which implies the uncompromising potential of a potential consumer; the manufacturer focused on a young active car enthusiast who prefers outdoor recreation.

The dimensions of the body are 4625/1872/1694 mm with a base of 2751 mm and a track gauge of 1593/1621 mm provide space in a spacious transforming salon specially designed for tourism. The luggage compartment is between 1282 and 2648 liters. The equipped weight, depending on the type of drive, 1714-1834 kg. Clearance - 180 mm.

The facelift carried out in 2002 touched the bumpers, they acquired a more sporty one inid. The output was increased to 27,728 units, but the effect was short-lived: in the first half of 2003, only 15.5 thousand Aztecs were produced, which was a failure for the capacious North American market.

Nevertheless, in 2004 Aztek underwent another modernization. The car was retrofitted with an MP3 player, a DVD system with a 7-inch LCD display, and a satellite XM radio; light-alloy wheels R17 began to be installed on all versions; there was an orange body color. The all-wheel drive modification has changed the transmissionthe number of the main gear, and for the special version of the Rally, a black and white body finish began to be used.

The dashboard is American-style and looks a bit bulky. Easily washable upholstery allows you to transport luggage and sports equipment directly in the cabin. Specially for outdoor enthusiasts, the speakers of the audio system are placed in the rear of the trunk, which makes it easier to organize impromptu discos. The OnStar satellite system is standard equipment, as is a full complement of front and side airbags.

Rearfolding seat, if necessary - easily dismantled. The trunk has special anchors for attaching bulky items. A box for cooling drinks and food with air circulation from an air conditioner is mounted in the center console. Also, for true lovers of travel, as an option, a tourist package was offered with a canopy on the back door, a tent and an air mattress with pumping from an onboard compressor.

Front-mounted 3.35 L V6 petrol engine (188 hp / 5200 rpm, 284 Nm / 4000 rpm) from the Mon minivantana is mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission 4T65-E with adaptive control function. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 180 km / h.

The crossover transmission includes front or permanent all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive version is equipped with a full-time Versatrak transmission, which redistributes torque between the wheels of the front and rear axles thanks to traction control. The suspension is fully independent, spring-loaded, providing a high level of comfort and good cross-country ability.

Brakes front ventilated discnew, rear - both drum and disc; the active safety system provides for the mandatory presence of ABS and brake assist. Standard tire size 215 / 70R16 or 225 / 65R17; tires - with a universal tread pattern.

In 2001, the Pontiac Aztek received the highest safety ratings in the Roll Over Test, the first ever test conducted by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The car became the first SUV to receive four stars out of five.

ZAnd during the years of release, Aztek has repeatedly topped the rating of the ugliest cars in the world. Conceived as a fusion of the advantages of an SUV and a minivan and sold under the slogan "Quite possibly the most versatile car on the planet", the Pontiac Aztek did not gain popularity among the consumer and was discontinued in 2006 due to low demand (production fell to 10,648 cars). The successor was the Pontiac Torrent.

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