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Used Chrysler Saratoga Cars for sale in the United States

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Today are available 1 Chrysler Saratoga cars for sale. This listings include Chrysler Saratoga cars from the United States. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Chrysler well known by the Saratoga model. All Chrysler models you can see here.

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1960 Chrysler Saratoga 4 Door Sedan

$ 21500
United States

1960 Chrysler Saratoga I will be listing a few cars here in the next week or two for my family. We are reducing are number of cars, so please see my other listings as well. I am not a dealer."THE CAR OF YOUR LIFE FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!"Here we have a beautiful 1960 Chrysler that has been well

  • Year: 1960
  • Mileage: 76633
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
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The first Chrysler under the Saratoga brand was created in 1951 and had a glorious history. 1951 Saratoga coupe with 180 hp HEMI engine. took first place in the race-adapted production car class and finished second overall in the Carrera Pan-Americana general competition. The model was discontinued in 1960.

It was only in December 1989 that production of the Saratoga front-wheel drive sedan resumed. Another similar model of the DaimlerChrysler concern was the Dodge Spirit. In February 1995, the production of both brands was discontinued.

In basic ospower steering, power windows, electric mirrors, air conditioning, velor interior, driver's license plate, audio training. For an additional fee, ABS, leather interior, R16 alloy wheels, climate control, cruise control, PB for the passenger, central locking system, immobilizer, on-board computer, navigation system, parking sensors, electric front seats, etc. were supplied.

The Chrysler Saratoga has a typical American design of the time; the dimensions of the angular body are 4602/1731/1410 mm, the base is 2629 mm and the track is 1463/1453 mm. The size of the standard wheels is 205 / 60R15. The curb weight of the car is 1310 kg, and the weight withfull load is 1870 kg. Clearance at full load 120 mm.

Despite the small exterior dimensions by American standards, the car is quite spacious inside. The fit is comfortable both in the front and in the back. The salon is ergonomic, the steering wheel is adjustable in height, the location of the controls and well-read instruments is convenient. The seats are wide and soft, without developed lateral support. Forward visibility is good, slightly worse backward. Thanks to the washer nozzles integrated directly into the brushes, the wipers work very well.ivno.

Trunk volume 408 liters - not too much by today's standards. The rear seats do not fold down on all modifications.

The Saratoga was powered by a 2.5 L 4-cylinder 8-valve engine (99 HP, 184 Nm) and the 6-cylinder 12-valve 6G72 Mitsubishi 3 L (141 HP, traditional for many Chrysler models of that generation). 225 Nm).

The first engine was aggregated with both 4ہتدد and 5جتدد, and the second one - only with an automatic transmission. The maximum speed is 163 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h takes 13.8 seconds (for the 2.5-liter version). Car with 3L engine several dimore amic: the maximum speed is 182 km / h and 11 s to hundreds. The consumption of the 92nd gasoline is 9.7 liters and 10.1 liters, respectively (in the combined cycle), the consumption in the city is 12-13 liters.

Engine power is enough to feel confident in city traffic, and, if necessary, to accelerate for overtaking. The handling is not bad, but taking into account the softness of the suspension, which is traditional for most overseas cars. It consists of a double wishbone at the front and a one-piece axle beam at the rear. Smooth ride at altitude.

Brakes are both front and rear disc; the pedal is sufficientbut informative. Brake Assist and STS stabilization system (optional) help if necessary. The steering wheel is light due to the hydraulic booster, the reactions to it are predictable. This model was exported to Europe, and the performance tuning was carried out with an eye to the European market. This is especially noticeable in the closer to the sports characteristics of the Dodge Spirit model, also assembled on Chrysler: dense suspension, responsive steering wheel (from lock to lock 2.6 turns), good throttle response and tenacious brakes.

Chrysler Saratoga is a typical representative of the American auto industryma: spacious, comfortable and fast enough, a smart choice for everyday use.

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