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Used Ford Freestar Cars for sale in the United States, Second Hand

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Today are available 1 Ford Freestar cars for sale. This listings include Ford Freestar cars from the United States. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. Ford well known by the Freestar model. All Ford models you can see here.

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2005 Ford Freestar

2005 Ford Freestar

$ 500
United States

A great running Minivan, body and interior are clean accept for one dent in the rear bumper and normal wear and tear. The unit is in great shape for the age and the mileage. This is being sold with NO RESERVE. Starts, runs, and drives as it should we no nothing more on the vehicle.

  • Year: 2005
  • Mileage: 172704
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Transmission: Automatic
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In 2003, the first prototype of the 2004 Ford Freestar was produced at the specially equipped Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario. This is the only plant that will assemble the new Freestar minivan. The Ford Motor Company invested $ 600 million in the venture to upgrade equipment and introduce new technologies.

This model is intended to replace the Windstar. Since now the names of all Ford passenger cars will begin with the letter "F", the updated Windstar minivan turned into a Freestar. In fact, it's the same Windstar, only slightly remodeled and with much better handling. The body shell is essentially the same, but about 60% of the parts are updated.

The car boasts such innovations as: the third-row seats that can be folded to an absolutely flat state, access to which has become more convenient; new lifting luggage compartment door; 4-speed automatic transmission of the latest generation; new, wider disc brakes for all wheels with the new "Panic Brake Assist" system as standard on the fashioncars equipped with the Ford AdvanceTrac system.

The Freestar was the first van to be equipped with the Swedish Safety Canopy System. It reliably protects the heads of passengers in all 3 rows of seats in the event of a side impact and rollover of the car. The front passengers are also covered from a side impact by "cushions" built into the seat backs.

The interior design and dashboard are also fresh and bear no resemblance to the renowned Windstar interior. In addition, finishing materials have become more expensive and quality.nym.

Virtually all additional options are provided that can please the most demanding customer. Plenty of holders and stands guarantee comfort when traveling with families, and the car's three-zone climate control ensures a good atmosphere.

The car is equipped with a cast-iron, 3.8 L Essex V-6 engine. The new camshaft profile allows for smoother integration with an average rotation of 1,500 rpm and 193 horsepower. Provided for the Freestar and the largest engine among minivans is a 4.2-liter V6. Sothe engineers worked on the reduced engine noise - the mountings were completely replaced and vibration was eliminated. Fuel consumption is 10, 5 liters on the highway and 15 liters in the city.

The suspension has become stiffer, which protects the car from rollover.

The Ford Freestar is slated to be exported to over 30 countries.

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