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Desperado Motorcycles For Sale In Australia

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Desperado motorcycles for sale. This listings include Desperado Motorcycles from the Australia. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. desperado for sale in Australia

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The Suzuki VZ 800 Desperado cruiser was first introduced in 1996 as a Japanese version. In 1997, an export version appeared, focused primarily on the US market - Suzuki VZ 800 Marauder. Both versions are almost identical to each other, and differ only in the markings of the speedometer (km / h - in the Japanese version, mph - in the American version) and the size of some fasteners (in the American version, fasteners with inch threads are used). The main difference between the Desperado and Marauder series from the Intruder is the appearance: the Intruder is a cruiser in its classic presentation, and the Desperado / Marauder is a classic drag motorcycle. The models are based on a 2-cylinder, V-shaped engine from a Suzuki VS 800 Intruder with liquid cooling, producing 50 hp. power and 65 Nm of torque. Like all engines for this class of motorcycles, this motor has a pronounced thrust at low and medium speeds, and gives maximum performance at 5000-6500 rpm. Among the features of the Suzuki VZ 800 Desperado (Marauder) model should be noted the classic steel frame, 5-speed gearbox, chain drive to the rear wheel, inverted fork, classic double shock absorber at the rear and rear drum brake.