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Bikes with such strange names (Dirt Squirt - "dirty upstart", Road Toad - "road viper") were prototypes of the current motocross bikes ranging from 80cc to 250cc and participated in various competitions. All Hodaka motorcycles, following Ford's example, were painted only red.
The first motorcycle of the Hodaka brand, which rolled off the assembly line in 1964, was named Ace 90. It was equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine and was adapted for driving on public roads. That is, it was no longer necessary to deliver the motorcycle to the cross track in a truck. With a price tag of $ 379, the new Hodaka Ace 90 was available to everyone.
In 1966, 10,000 Ace 90 motorcycles were exported from Japan. In the same year, Hodaka's marketing manager Marvin Foster and his partner Frank Wheeler set off on these motorcycles on an extreme tour of Mexico. Having covered 3,800 miles of rough terrain, the Ace 90 motorcycles performed so well that their future fate was predetermined: motocross, desert races, straight races and rally raids.
In 1969, the $ 500 Super Rat went on sale, and in 1972 a 125cc motorcycle called the Wombat was developed. The second generation of the Wombat, called the Combat Wombat, far surpassed the Super Rat in its technical characteristics.
In the late 70s, the Hodaka brand could not stand the fall of the US dollar and the general volatility of the market. At first, Hodaka's management tried to sell the production to Fuji Heavy Industries (which originally produced most of the engines for the Hodaka brand), but to no avail. In the early 80s, Hodaka ceased to exist, and production was later sold to the Korean company Daelim.

Another reason for the disappearance of the Hodaka brand was that motocross bikes were gradually being replaced by the larger and more advanced Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.
Despite the fact that the Hodaka brand has long been out of existence, enthusiasts around the world collect and restore these motorcycles. Indeed, only thanks to their reliability and availability, many were able to join the world of motorsport.