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Bimota Motorcycles For Sale In United Kingdom

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Today are available 2 Used Bimota motorcycles for sale. This listings include Bimota Motorcycles from the United Kingdom. Use this search form to find the vehicle that you need. bimota for sale in Australia

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Bimota DB9 Brivido S

United Kingdom

Bimota DB9 Brivido S. Marque-specific registration, miles: 2495. First registered Sept 2016. I’m the second owner. MOT currentuntil 31.8.21. On SORN. Super-rare S version of the Bravido which comes with Buell-style rim brake and different forks from the standard Brivido model. Carbon

  • Year: 2016
  • Mileage: 2495
  • Transmission: Manual

Bimota SB8rsВ 

United Kingdom

I have owned my 8rs since she was a year old and bought her in 2002. Over the course of time, I have made a few upgrades, although she remains mainly standard, these include. В· A Power Commander 3, a must have on these bikes. В· A set of Marchesini lightweight wheels. В· Brembo four pot

  • Year: 2001
  • Mileage: 28000
  • Transmission: Manual
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The history of the Bimota company begins, paradoxically, with an accident. In 1972, Massimo Tamburini has an accident on his Honda motorcycle. With three broken ribs healed, the unlucky pilot set about designing a tubular steel frame to match the power of Japanese bikes. At the same time, the weight was reduced and the center of gravity became closer to the ground, which had a good effect on the handling of the motorcycle. This is how the first motorcycle Bimota (Bimota) appeared - HB1, where H stands for the Honda engine. In addition to Tamburini, two other people stood at the origins of the company - Bianco and Morrie. The first letters of their names became the name of the foot motorcycle brand. Over the next few years, Bimota (Bimota) produces high-quality motorcycles for professional racing. Then came the Bimota SB1 - a very successful sport bike that was very popular. In the late 70s, Bimota finally finds its place in the market - the company specializes in the production of high-performance sports bikes. An interesting solution was the sale of some models in the form of "assembly packages", which allowed each rider to customize the bike as precisely as possible. In the 80s, the talented engineer Federico Martini, who had previously worked at Ducati, came to Bimota. The result was the use of Ducati engines in new models. Another important innovation is the development of the innovative "Scatolato" frame, which was used in the company's products throughout the 80s and 90s. The 80s were marked by the release of a large number of successful models, but truly Bimota (Bimota) became famous thanks to two victories in the World Championship in 1980 and 1987. The 90s were marked by an increase in sales and brand recognition - in 1995 Bimota (Bimota) produces about 1250 motorcycles a year, which is quite good for this segment. However, in the late 90s, the company was experiencing significant financial difficulties associated with an attempt to develop its own V-twin-cylinder engine. After failures with the creation of its engine, Bimota (Bimota) returns to the previous scheme - a powerful engine of a Japanese or European motorcycle manufacturer, plus exclusive design and the highest quality. After a long absence, Bimota triumphantly returned to the racing championship in 2003, after which the company again began to face financial difficulties. However, by now, the Bimota is once again firmly on its feet, delighting fans with exclusive, high-performance sports bikes.