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1965 Harley-davidson Panhead Used

$ 43500

Exterior Color:Red
Vehicle Title:Clear
Item status:In archive

Seller Description

1965 Harley Davidson FL Pan head with 1965 side car. VERY RARE ANTIQUE
First year electric start, last year panhead,has ensured collector status for the 1965 Electra Glide.It will make you and your machine the main attraction at any bike or car show.
First year 5 gallon tank, and automatic timing advance and 1 year only outer primary cover and gas tank with rod shut off.
Very rare to find a 1965 bike with a matching year sidecar.
frequently rode, handle greats, easy to ride, don't have to put your feet down.
Asking $43,500.
Call [hidden information] (MAINE)
Cash in hand before bike leaves garageScammers will be lied to and no tire kickers.

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Item Information

Item ID: 193191
Sale price: $ 43500
Motorcycle location: Sabattus, Maine, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 15.11.2020
Views: 17
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1965 Harley-davidson Panhead Used
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