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Used 1966 Ford Ranchero Deluxe or Custom

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Seller Description

Dataplate info. 66D=Ranchero Custom, ext color T=Candy Apple Red, Trim=86 Black, date=30D April 30th, DSO=72 San Jose, Axle 1= 3 to 1, Trans 6= C4 Vin # 6K29C[hidden information], K=Kansas City, 29=Custom Ranchero, C= 289 2 BBL
Ford Falcon Ranchero Custom or Deluxe. I've seen it listed both ways in Ford books. It's actually a rare model as only 1242 were made with the bucket seats. In spite of it's look this is a very original and clean car. Almost all of the hard work has been done.

All of the mechanicals and interior are new. Have tons of receipts and a clear title. Will accommodate any shipper you find.
The following list is what has been done or replaced: Rebuilt engine 302 with 289 heads, rebuilt C4 tranny, model correct Bucket seats reupholstered, New carpet, Dash pad reupholstered, instrument cluster re-chromed, Dash panel chrome pieces (4) re-chromed, New headliner, New Windshield, New rubber seal on back window, has all chrome pieces around windows and wheel lips, New NOS horn ring (still in box), New door panels, new valve covers, new oil pan, new sway bar, new Edelbrock intake and 4 barrel carburetor, new dual exhaust, new steering box, new kick panels, new scuff plates, new temp gauge, oil gauge and tachometer, new tires, new aluminum radiator. And comes with original black California plates. It also comes with a used chrome bumper.
There is a $500 non-refundable deposit payable within 48 hours of auction end. Full payment is due with 7 days of auction end. Vehicle must be picked up with 7 days of auction end. I will work and any shipper you hire. I am a private owner and vehicle is being sold as-is with no warranty either implied or express. Please feel free to ask questions.

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Item Information

Item ID: 251266
Car location: Roseville, California, United States
Last update: 16.01.2022
Views: 23
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1966 Ford Ranchero Deluxe or Custom
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