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1975 Yamaha Other

$ 5000

1975 Yamaha Other for Sale
1975 Yamaha Other for Sale1975 Yamaha Other for Sale
Engine Size (cc):350
Vehicle Title:Clear


I bought this bike from a friend who needed the money.  He spent a lot of money on this bike but never completed the bike.  I completed the bike about a year ago and maybe road it a couple of times, fun bike but I have too many other bikes to ride, time to clean out the garage.  This is actually an RD 250 NV Cycles did all the motor work and converted it to a 350 (see the build sheet images).  Everything is new on this bike, carbs, rubber, paint.  Fun two stroke cafe bike.
I have several of the original parts which will come with the bike.

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Sale price: $ 5000
Motorcycle location: Casper, Wyoming, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 31.12.2018
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1975 Yamaha Other
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