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2001 Honda VTX

$ 2000

2001 Honda VTX for Sale
2001 Honda VTX for Sale2001 Honda VTX for Sale
Exterior Color:Silver
Vehicle Title:Clear


2001 Honda VTX 1800 sporty with lots of power! 
Great bike for those who want to lead the pack. This is a performance cruiser. If power is your thing, then the VTX1800 has got plenty of it, a certain classy elegance about its lines and the mandatory V-twin shaped engine. Also has Honda's linked braking system.
Mileage: 21,000
This bike has a Cobra tune-up kit, Cobra exhaust, K&N air intake, backrest, and windshield.
New tires
Recently tuned up
Comes with original exhaust if you want it
Needs new rear blinker fixtures - has temporary rear blinkers that work fine but a better fit or originals should be installed

Item information

Sale price: $ 2000
Motorcycle location: Orlando, Florida, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 14.06.2019
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2001 Honda VTX
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