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2018 Ram 2500 Used Limited Cummins DieselL Automatic

Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Black
Drive Type:4WD
Engine:Cummins Diesel
Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2018 Ram 2500 Limited custom lifted SEMAquality build. The truck was built by Extreme Performance Off-Road in Katy Tx. For starters, the truck does not drive like a typical truck this size. The ride and drive is excellent, it will comfortably cruise at 80+ MPH on the freeway and could easily be a daily driver. With the performance upgrades, the truck is not sluggish, it accelerates very hard. All gauges and speedometer are fully operational and calibrated to the tire size. The Ultimate Air suspension is absolutely the ultimate way to lift a truck, the strength and ride quality is unmatched.
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In addition to the quality of the lift, it gives you the flexibility to lower the truck for both getting in and out as well as pulling into garages etc. There was no expense spared on this build, only the best parts were used. The truck is truly a showroom condition truck. It was taken to the shop with 1800 miles on it and has had roughly 800 miles put on it since completion. The mileage will slightly up through the auction process as I drive the truck a couple times a week. No reserve auction, the truck can not be duplicated for the starting price.Suspension· -Ultimate Air Ride long arm cradle9”-13” full 4-link 4 corner air ride (2.9”-15.5” lift range)· -Airlift 3H air management with touchpad and Wi-Fi. This system offers preset ride heights as well as autoleveling· -Dual 5-gallon tanks· -Commercial grade XD4000continuous-duty compressor · -Dual FOA 2.0 remote reservoir 14”travel shocks on all 4 corners· -Top steer crossover steeringconversion-This is the weak point of Dodge steering. This is not a bolt on upgrade, it requires the steering knuckle to be removed and shipped off for machining· -Full hydraulic steering assist-The replaces the steering damper and eliminates bump steer, one finger freeway driving is possible· -Heavy duty rear sway bar and links· -Heavy duty adjustable front sway barlinks· -Custom front and rear drive linesWheels and Tires· Fuel Forged 24x14 wheels· Furry 42x15.5x24· Spiked lug nutsPerformance· -Double R Diesel tuned MM3 with 5stages of performance· -MM3 controller mounted in the centerconsul for a cleaner look at the dash· -Full exhaust and DEF delete (allstock parts will be included with truck)· -EGR delete (all stock parts will beincluded with truck)· -Throttle valve delete (all stockparts included with truck) -5" turbo back exhaust with RBP tip dumped in front of rear axle· -ARP head studsStereo· -Focal K2 6.5 component door speakers· -Focal crossover· -2 JL Audio TW3 10in subs in customenclosure· -JL Audio VXI 1000/5· -JL Bass knobMisc.· -3 horn commercial train horn· -G2 front and rear differential cover· -Custom 1 off painted grill· -Paint correction and ceramic coatingfor truck and wheels· -AMP Research automatic steps· -Powertrax One remote bed cover

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Item Information

Item ID: 145389
Car location: Tomball, Texas, United States
Last update: 24.01.2020
Views: 28
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2018 Ram 2500 Used Limited Cummins DieselL Automatic
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