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bentley Mulsanne S

Date of Manufacture:19890100
For Sale by:Private Seller
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Engine Size (litre):big
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

1989 Mulsanne S, Was sold new in Japan, then shipped to Gold coast by the Japanese owner when new who owned it until a few years ago until they retired and moved back to Japan, I think consulate or the like. Must be in Japan they had rectangle headlights instead of round like all other mulsanne carsPaint is nice, a small spot on bonnet has lifted and the corners of the car the paintwork is thin from a car cover over the years, there is a dent in the front windscreen stainless trimThe interior smells of pure leather like the day it left the factory is super cherry red and so nice.
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...Mechanically it runs like a Swiss clock, smooth, powerful, thirsty (drinks way more than its owner if provoked) and has the super reliable CIS injection (as per Mercedes, Porsche, etc) which is one of the main reasons I brought it opposed to the dinosaur carby setups they had.A/C needs a new fan control unit as it only has one speed, I was going to discretely install a reliable Toyota thermostat and fan controller out of a Hilux to replace the over super complicated British codswallop crap system that confuses itself, outside that the A/C is ice cold. it has all its tools bar a shifter (why should a Bentley owner consider touching a tool) Electric aerial dosnt work as the cable is broken, (I did investigate and discovered the strange people that built this car also built their own aerials - why did they bother!!) So it put in back where it came fromThis is my kids favorite car and they will beat me up when they know I sold it and I might even beat my self up! but it is just sitting in my warehouse which isnt fair to the car, it would make a fantastic wedding car due to the amazing colour combination, its only just on a [hidden information] km, its so so nice to drive and cruises on the highway like a floating loungeInspections WelcomeHappy to deliver to transport company in DarwinDirect transfer only, reasonable reserve, no wombats please

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Item Information

Item ID: 123173
Car location: Darwin, NT, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 1.06.2019
Views: 49
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bentley Mulsanne S
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