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Used 1976 Moto guzzi Cafe Racer Used 1000L

Engine Size (cc):1000
Manufacturer:Moto guzzi
Vehicle Title:Clear
Model:Cafe Racer
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Seller Description

MOTO GUZZI CAFÉ RACERA one-off custom Moto Guzzi Café Racer. This bike was once a 1976 850 T3 but is now so much more.
Everything that can be done has been done including,
Full Engine rebuild – All seals, gaskets & big-end bearings replaced, crank re-ground, New 1000cc Gillardoni Cylinder & Pistons, New Exhaust valves & Guides and all valve seats lashed, New camshaft (B10 Grind), new oil pump, sump extension, timing chain & tensionerGearbox & Diff rebuild – All seals and bearings replaced, new shift spring, shift drum shimmed.Brand new Carbs (PHF36) and custom Header pipesCustom hand-built Fairing, Tank & Seat painted 850 LeMans Blue – headlight integrated into fairing and available via 2 quick release fasteners.Lower Frame rails removed with additional triangulated bracing added to the top gearbox mounts, along with widened swingarm to allow for larger rear tyre diameterSpeedo/Tacho rebuilt by Lionel Otto (Trip meter zero’d)New Valeo Starter, high out-put coils and modern switch gear.

Points ignition on the bike (but can supply Dyna if that is the buyers preference)Bitabu Dampers, Tarrozzi Fork Brace and Ikon ShocksAll New Brembo F08 Callipers (x3) and Brembo Master CylindersNew Universal Joint & support bearing, new wheel bearings, stainless spokes and new rims with new Avon Road rider tyres.
The Motorcycle is currently registered in NSW and has ~190km on the dial from testing & tuning. The bike pulls hard & sounds great, a real head turner and no one is ever going to pull up next to you at the lights on the same thing.
This is the real deal! A one-off, real man's Cafe Racer…. aimed at the period when the term was coined, a racer from the 60’s & 70’s with lights.
On this bike you willnotfind wrapped pipes, brown grips, skulls, crossbones, flames, black tape on the headlight or a moustache sticker . . . no faux cafГ© racer junk here . . .Motorcycle is located just south of Sydney in Wollongong Australia and is offered for sale in Australia and abroad.
Clear Australian Title (NSW Registration)
Inspections Welcome - Contact via the normal eBay channels.Like us on Facebook:@MaxsMotoWorks
Advertised Worldwide, freight not included in list price though crate available for overseas shipping.

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Item Information

Item ID: 117969
Motorcycle location: Wollongong, NSW, Australia
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 28.04.2019
Views: 227
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1976 Moto guzzi Cafe Racer Used 1000L
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