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1987 Nissan 300ZX Used Manual

Vehicle Title:Clean
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Sold to the highest bidder with no reserve is this Project 1987 Nissan 300ZX Turbo. 2 seater 5 speed, Black with black interior. Same adult owner for the last 20 years. The car has been sitting for the last 6-8 years. Although the car runs and moves under its own power it cannot be driven any distance. It can be driven onto a transport. The engine runs and does NOT smoke. I can hear the turbo spool but personally have not driven the car over 25mph to verify full operability. The engine runs poorly. There are no unusual sounds though. No rear muffler. The car needs a full tune up including fuel filter and fresh gas at minimum plus plugs, wires, cap. Timing belt and water pump should be done. I have within the past year replaced the master cylinder. 2 new front tires with 0 miles. The rear tires are different sizes and have numerous flat spots. Car has new rear shocks which have been properly converted to conventional style. Also has new rear end mount bushings which was a big job. The body appears original. It is not rusted away nor totally beat up. It has dings, chips, scratches and surface rust as which would be expected on a car of this age that has been sitting. The passenger side has surface rust as seen. Underneath is workable. The floors are intact and not rusted through. Small amount of rust through in lower rear cargo area as it appears to have gotten wet. The interior is decent but dirty from sitting. The dash has no cracks. The seats have no egregious tears. The rear cargo area is bare and needs new carpet as seen. Some switches and little knobs are cracked and/or broken as expected with a 33 year old car which has been used. Clean and clear Ohio title in my name. PLEASE EMAIL WITH QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS. Sold as is where is which all flaws known and unknown. No warranty written expressed or implied. I will accept Paypal payment for deposit. BALANCE MUST BE THROUGH CASHIERS CHECK, DIRECT DEPOSIT, CASH, WIRE TRANSFER OR I WILL ACCEPT PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY.Email with questions. Full payment due within 7 days of auctions end.
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Can assist with loading and pickup from my commercial location 45410. Pickup must occur within 21 days of auctions end unless other arrangements have been made.

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Item Information

Item ID: 144427
Car location: Dayton, Ohio, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 19.01.2020
Views: 31
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1987 Nissan 300ZX Used Manual
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