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2007 Volkswagen Touareg Altitude V6 TDI Used Black 2967.0L Automatic Diesel Stationwagon

$ 0

Model:Touareg Altitude V6 TDI
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Engine Size:2967.0
MOT Expiry:202004
Reg. Date:20071128
Service History Available:Yes
Metallic Paint:Yes
Body Type:Stationwagon
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

STERLING CARSHello & welcome to our page.Our opening times are from 9.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 9am
to 3pm on Saturdays. We are closed Sundays.Please read our following terms &
description very carefully, we are friendly, polite & will always try to be
as helpful as humanly possible. TIME is precious, our terms & conditions
VIA EBAY THEIR CONTACT TELPHONE NUMBER WITHIN 24 HOURS OF WINNING AN AUCTION.Any winning bidders must contact us by phone within 24 hours of the
auction ending to arrange collection (you will be emailed our office numbers
the following morning). If you fail to do this the car will not necessarily be
held for you.Winning bidders please do not assume
the car will be in stock the following morning so please wait for confirmation
before coming to see us to save you a wasted journey.Please make every effort to call us and
bear in mind that lines get very busy in the mornings we open at 9.30am. If you
cannot get through by phone then email us through eBay with your mobile number
included, we will call you to arrange a viewing as soon as we can.Full payment must be made within 5 days
of the auction ending and we will ask for a £100 deposit to secure the vehicle
if you are not collecting within 48 hours of the auction closing. This deposit
will be fully refunded if you have viewed the car at our premises and you
decide not to proceed. Collection is strictly by appointment only so that we
can ensure we have the vehicle onsite for when you come.ANY WINNING BIDDER, WHO FAIL TO
& HOW THE WHOLE PROCEDURE WORKSAny winning bidder can test drive &
inspect the vehicle before deciding whether or not to proceed with their
winning bid.If you have not purchased a second hand
car before we advise you to bring someone who can advise you with what to look
for. Please remember that this is second hand and will not be in perfect
condition.If you are not satisfied with the vehicle after viewing and
testing, you are under no obligation to proceed with the eBay winning
bid.Please make sure you have insurance in place for your test drive.EXTERIORPlease expect to see marks &
imperfections on the bodywork & alloys due commensurate with its age and
LOOK AT THEM CAREFULLY as we cannot describe all visible marks. It is usual
that a used car has historically received repair/paint at some point in its
life, so you may find evidence of this.
Information about 2007 Volkswagen Touareg Altitude V6 TDI for sale on this page. See price and photos of the Touareg Altitude V6 TDI Volkswagen
mileage expect to see marks & imperfections. Usually wear will be seen
across the seats (particular the driver’s seat pillar) and door trims.DRIVEAGAIN, please remember this is a second
hand vehicle and will drive accordingly, parts do wear out and you will need to
renew or replace these.Examples of the typical things you will
need to spend money on are the tyres, flywheel/clutch, brake pads/discs, ball
joints/top mounts, wheel bearings, bushes, chips/cracks in windscreen,
electrical items and lights on the dash for example airbag light or engine
management light.There are lots of electrical items on
modern vehicles and we physically do not have the time to test all of these. So
there will always be some things not working fully for example: Parking Sensors
most of the time need attention. Other common items needing attention is a
window or re-gasing the air conditioning.TO SUMMARISEBy now you now understand this item is
going to require further money to be spent on it due to its age, mileage and
price paid.Please note we do not negotiate on the final bid
price. We have been very clear with setting your expectations correctly, which
in turns lowers the price they finish for on eBay. Again if you are not
satisfied with the vehicle again you do not have to proceed.We will always try to disclose any
obvious known issues, but we are limited in time to assess each vehicle so
cannot guarantee that it is without fault. As stated earlier you will able to
check the item anyway you see fit during our opening hours so please come as
early as possible to allow plenty of time to complete your checks.Our adverts are designed to appeal to
those who have knowledge about cars, who can assess what and if any work is
needed on a second hand car, and have money in reserve for any repairs and
service items. If this does not sound like you then you might want to
consider buying your vehicle elsewhereIn a nutshell we are an online auction
company, with some key differences to public auction sites like British Car
Auctions;1. We allow unlimited test drives PRIOR
to purchase2. There are no additional buyer’s fees
on top, which you would have to incur at public auctions.2. Lastly if you take a look at our 99%
Positive feedback rating from our loyal customers (Give or Take) for over 4000
Second hand cars & concentrate on the 1% Negative reviews from buyers who
cannot grasp our very clear terms & conditions, you may be better off
buying elsewhere!On a positive note if you do bid and
win a vehicle then we look forward to meeting you and hopefully providing you
with your next vehicle.
All details of this current vehicle are
We are offering this 07 Volkswagen Touareg on a no reserve
auction. Being the "V6 TDI" model it is got some fantastic essentials and options including:3.0 Litre 224BHP TDIV6EngineSatellite Navigation Maps
Leather Trim19" Alloy WheelsClimate ControlParking Sensors
MOT Expires - 4th April 20206 Service Stamps
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Item Information

Item ID: 193154
Sale price: $ 0
Car location: Reading, United Kingdom
Last update: 15.11.2020
Views: 8
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2007 Volkswagen Touareg Altitude V6 TDI Used Black 2967.0L Automatic Diesel Stationwagon
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