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2006 Mini Cooper S Used Automatic

Model:Cooper S
MOT Expiry:202007
Reg. Date:20060530
Previous owners (excl. current):4
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Welcome to the advert for my very rare, Mini R53 JCW with 210BHP Kit, in auto with paddle shifters on steering wheel and only 42,130 miles.
This car has been dry stored away, only coming out on the odd occasion and for MOT!! In outstanding original condition,JCW certificate, full service history, every service and maintenance receipt. All owners handbooks, wallet, 1 original remote key.
John Cooper Works 210BHP Tuning Kit of machined/ported head, larger injectors, reduced diameter supercharger pulley, JCW airbox, JCW stainless steel exhaust,
Exterior finished in Dark Silver paint code 871, it has the full JCW Aero body kit. 17" R112 alloy wheels with minimum 6mm tread on the tyres. Original black mini stripes, black roof and wing mirrors, Limited Slip Differential (LSD), Sports suspension setting plus, Dynamic Stability control. Fog Lights, Xenon Headlights.
Inside it has the sports full leather seats in black front and rear, chrome line interior, CHilli pack, alloy patina dash and door card trim, sports leather steering wheelCD changer for 6 CD's, air conditioning, Xenon lights, fog lights, light package, on board computer.
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Item Information

Item ID: 166900
Car location: Christchurch, United Kingdom
Last update: 3.07.2020
Views: 65
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2006 Mini Cooper S Used Automatic
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