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2016 Honda CB125 LAMS approved motorcycle bike 2 seater 125cc CB125E scooter

$ 307

Date of Manufacture:201600
Featured Refinements:LAMS
Engine Capacity (cc):125
For sale by:Private seller
Seller Notes:“LAMS approved, learner approved”
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**Due to non-paying buyer - No reserve auction**


2016 Honda CB125E LAMS approved motorcycle,
under 2 years old with low kms – 11,563 kms.


LAMS approved / learner approved.


Comes with heaps of extras including:

--Original Honda manual with purchase
details from 2016

--Original Honda toolkit

--Rear storage container (for helmet etc)
with all fitting hardware and locking key (was taken -off the bike for photos

--Disc brake lock

--Disc brake reminder cable (you put the
cable on your handlebars to the lock so you don’t -forget its there and try
riding off!)


To give you as much info as possible I’ve
filmed a short clip of the bike running:


If you have any question please contact me
via “Contact Seller” you’re come to come inspect, start it up and give it a


Vin: LALJA11U7E[hidden information]

Location: Tenerife QLD 4005


Bike is a repairable write off due to
“light panel damage” only! As you can see from the photos the bike is in
amazing condition with only a scratch or two (one on the back of the plastic
mirror) and that’s it!! No repairs required. Great condition and in great
working order (after all, its only two years old with low kms!)


Also happy to discuss options of delivering
the bike. Just contact me before the auction ends.


**No reserve auction**

Please check out my other items for sale
(including another LAMS approved bike!):

Item information

Sale price: $ 307
Motorcycle location: Tenerieffe, QLD, Australia
Last update: 25.06.2018
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2016 Honda CB125 LAMS approved motorcycle bike 2 seater 125cc CB125E scooter
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