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1970 Daimler B GT 3500 ccL automatic Petrol

Model:B GT
Engine:3500 cc
Drive side:Right-hand drive
Item status:In archive   SEE NEW >>>>>   

Seller Description

Damiler SP250 Replicar Registered as a MGB GTI HAVE A COMPLETE HISTORY OF THIS CAR AND ALL THE MOTSBuilt in 1994/1995 by Tyler Son (boat builders) before they went into liquidationThis is the only one known to the SP Owners ClubBuild on a BRA Cobra Chassis with an MG V8 3500CC engine and automatic box with MGB V8 running gearIt comes with a tonneaucover TAX and MOT I have the original sales brochure of this car being builtPlease contact Terry 07785 [hidden information]Winner bidder please pay a deposit of £200 via PayPal within 24 hours of auction and remainder within 7 days cash on collectionI have the right to remove this advert as advertised elsewhere ( please no more silly offers )Also published at

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Item Information

Item ID: 165179
Car location: Stanwell Moor , Middlesex, United Kingdom
For sale by: Private seller
Last update: 29.06.2020
Views: 51

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1970 Daimler B GT 3500 ccL automatic Petrol
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