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1993 Yamaha TZR250 Used 250L Petrol

$ 0

MOT Expiration Date:02/2021
Capacity (cc):250
Engine Size:250
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

Relisting due to Hoax buyer winning the auction.
I purchased the TZR 250 SP 3XV V twin two stroke whilst living in Hong Kong and
brought this back to the UK, it is road registered here in the UK so has a V5 logbook. I have every record and receipt. Those who know exactly
what this model is will be very aware of how rare it is in the UK.61 BHP at the rear wheel, new silencers, see the
uploaded Dyno, this is the genuine Sugo loaded 70 BHP at the crank model. All UK work has been completed by Dynotech Performance.
You can identify that this is an SP, the ypvs is 3XV-5, and
this has the right SP #XV-5 parts. Other parts from the 3XV-5 SP are the larger 36mm carbs, dry clutch, clocks, engine parts, powerjets and CDI (although I have a hunch that the CDI might
be a Sugo because it has no markings and given the dyno tested BHP output) I do have a 3XV-7 CDI that works in the
bike. About 2000 miles ago this bike was rebuilt using original parts, the
whole engine from the crank up with new SP nicasel barrels, pistons, rings etc.
It's also had new SP ypvs exhaust valves fitted.
Information about 1993 Yamaha TZR250 for sale on this page. See price and photos of the TZR250 Yamaha
The clocks had to be replaced and show high
mileage 59941km curently and they did show 52633km, I have receipts to show when the engine work was completed. This means the bike has done about 7000km in my ownership, which includes the complete engine rebuild, so the engine internals, heads, barrels, crank, conrods, bearings etc are very low mileage. Hence, this engine has few miles on it despite what the clocks indicate!
For the collector, the main two weaknesses are the clocks and the fairings, these look great but are not original. That said the fairings are arguably better quality than the originals! I had the bike resprayed for a show and it drew lots of positive attention so I kept it. I do have extra original bodywork but not the complete set. It is easy to source new aftermarket fairings.I have decided that I wish to sell the bike as I am not getting the time to ride it and it should be ridden, it is an amazing experience! The bike is cranked over and warmed up correctly on a regular basis. The MOT expired in Feb this year but there is no question it will go straight through again because it was not been ridden between since it was last tested, it has been SORN and we've had lockdowns.Genuine buyers please contact me about questions, extra info or photos. Please do not contact me about offers, this will auction only.

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Item ID: 212116
Sale price: $ 0
Motorcycle location: FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom
Last update: 25.04.2021
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1993 Yamaha TZR250 Used 250L Petrol
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