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Yamaha WR450 06/2013

$ 5682

For sale by:Private seller
Engine Capacity (cc):450


***PRICE REDUCED*** Selling my 06/2013 WR450 $7500 ONO Comes with $1500 worth of aftermarket GYTR parts, sets ofplastics and all the spares pictured. Serviced every 1,000 kms. Bike hasn’t been ridden for about months, don’t havetime to ride it anymore and want to put the money into other hobbies. Camden area of sydney. Firs to see will buy Phone Shaun on 0448 931 163

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Sale price: $ 5682
Motorcycle location: Mount Annan, NSW, Australia
Last update: 22.05.2018
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Yamaha WR450 06/2013
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