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BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms

$ 10915

BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms for Sale
BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms for SaleBMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms for Sale
For sale by:Private seller
Date of 1st Registration:20160101
Modified Item:Yes
Modification Description:Akropovic Exhaust
Engine Capacity (cc):1200
Gears:Six-speed manual
Number of Previous Owners:1
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See photos, price, reviews and more details for BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms on this page. BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms for sale on profitable price. In order to better appreciate the vehicle you may see quality photos, seller description, technical specification and users reviews. If you want to buy BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms will contact you with the seller where you can discuss this vehicle in more detail, as well as information on discount, shipping detail or how to get a loan.

Seller description

BMW R1200R like new just run in. Licensed for 6 months.  15000 kms.  Great front and rear tyre.  Full service history Service not due until July 2019. Akrapovic 2 in 1 exhaust. 
Great bike at a good price
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Item information

Sale price: $ 10915
Motorcycle location: Leda, WA, Australia
Last update: 22.07.2019
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BMW R1200R 2015/2016 as new 15000kms
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