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2020 Suzuki SV Used 645L SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!! Gasoline

$ 7295

Engine Size (cc):645
Exterior Color:Black
Trim:SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!!
Type:Sport Bike
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean
|Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

2020 Suzuki SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!!
645cc Engine. 6-Speed Transmission. DOHC. Water-Cooled. Black paint. 1,515 Miles. 100% Stock, All Original!
VIN#JS1VP55B7L[hidden information]
Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, Cash in Person, or Loan Check, is Due Within 7 Days of Initial Deposit. There is a $149 Documentary Fee that covers Purchase/Shipping Paperwork Costs.
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Information about 2020 Suzuki SV for sale on this page. See price and photos of the SV Suzuki Black SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!!
The purchaser or prospective purchaser should verify with the Seller the accuracy of all the information listed within this ad.
2020 Suzuki SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!!645cc Engine. 6-Speed Transmission. DOHC. Water-Cooled. Black paint. 1,515 Miles. 100% Stock, All Original!VIN#JS1VP55B7L[hidden information]Full Payment via Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer, Cashiers Check, Bank Check, Cash in Person, or Loan Check, is Due Within 7 Days of Initial Deposit. There is a $149 Documentary Fee that covers Purchase/Shipping Paperwork Costs.

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Item Information

Item ID: 230713
Sale price: $ 7295
Motorcycle location: Zieglerville, Pennsylvania, United States
For sale by: Dealer
Last update: 21.08.2021
Views: 31
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2020 Suzuki SV Used 645L SV 650 ABS Sport Bike Sportbike SV650 w/ 1,515 Original Miles!!! Gasoline
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