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Used 1942 Harley-davidson WLC Used 750L

Exterior Color:Military green drab
Engine Size (cc):750
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Sub Model (Optional):45 FLAT HEAD
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable Reconstructed
:Restored in 2005
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Seller Description

This1942 WLC has been fitted with a 1943 engineVIN 43WLC6041and was in detail restored to correct specs in 2005. All hardware used is nos or oem PC. No Colony material utilized.The engine has been completely rebuilt (new nos+.004
pistons, lifters new nos valve guides and nos valves, complete nos set of camshafts, new
scavenger oil pump, new valve stem covers, new crank pin and pinion shafts.
About 80 miles on it and 1 oil change.
chassis received nos front fender and nos gasoline tank. Speedometer is nos and
only needed new bezel and glass lens. Dash cat- eyes are nos. Wiring harness is
nos. Brass switch housings.Rebuilt carburator, rebuilt generator. OEM headlamp with oem lens and
brass bezel. OEM rubber flex oil lines WLC only. Round oil bath air filter with
protective crash bar. NOS horn with sunburst cover. Skid plate and front stand and WLC black out tail light.
Black out tail light switch on rear right side frame tube. New nos latches on front fender box. NOS mirror and stem.Transmission has been rebuilt with nos cluster gear into a nos military transmission housing.
have been rebuilt with nos Army Surplus H-D Parkerized spoke sets. Complete nos
components hand clutch assembly mounted. New clutch, chains and sprockets. British
18 x 2.50 AVON MKII tires mounted.Repop parts applied are: Exhaust system, battery, battery casing and nomenclature plate on tanks. Seat has been recovered.
on first kick after prepping and runs like a champ.
with 2 keys and tool box key, original 1942 WWII WLC riders hand book and WWII
WLC parts book included with this bike. No US title, never registered after importing it from Holland.

I can arrange for a Californian title if requested, otherwise Bill of sale provided.
Please view video of firing up and running of this motorcycle at:
Please call with questions to Hans Meulenbroek[hidden information]
Thanks for looking!

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Item Information

Item ID: 107940
Motorcycle location: La Mesa, California, United States
For sale by: Private Seller
Last update: 21.02.2019
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1942 Harley-davidson WLC Used 750L
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