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1972 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple Lot of (5) Motorcycles H1C Used 500L

Model:H1 500 Triple Lot of (5) Motorcycles H1C
Exterior Color:Green Orange Blue Brown
Engine Size (cc):500
Vehicle Title:Clear
Type:H1 & S2
Item status:In archive
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Seller Description

This auction is for a Barn Find lot of (5)Kawasaki Triple Motorcycles, plus 3 spare H1 500 motors and parts.
The 5 motorcycles are: (4) H1 500 Triples and (1) S2 350 Triple.
Motorcycle #1is a 1972 H1C 500 Manufactured 10/71. NO TITLE, Bill of sale only. Frame Number KAF-51880, Engine Number KAE-45748. Mileage 9,764. Motor turns. (This is the H1 in the photos that is blue with the original orange showing under)
Motorcycle #2is a 1974 H1 500 with a CLEAR TITLE. Frame number H1F-27710, Engine Number KAE-97776 Manufactured 1/74. Motor turns. Mileage is 17,585. (This is the one in the photos with theduct tape on the seat)
Motorcycle #3 is a 1974 H1 500 NO TITLE, Bill of sale only.Frame Number H1F-00267, Engine Number KAE-70413. Mileage is 20,474. Motor turns.
Motorcycle #4is a 1972 H1 500 With a CLEAR TITLE. Frame number H1F-08739, Engine Number KAE-78715. (This is the H1 in the photos with extended tubes covered in hay.) It was directly under the loft in the barn. The motor is stuck. Mileage is 4,303.
Motorcycle #5 is a 1973 S2 350 Manufactured 4/73 NO TITLE, BILL OF SALE ONLY. Frame Number S2T-13399, Motor Number S2E-42126, Motor turns. 10,806 Miles. (This is the brown one in photos)
(3) Extra H1 MotorsMotor #1 1974 H1 500 KAE-82026Motor #2 1974 H1 500 KAE-88354Motor #3 1973 H1 500 KAE-76528
All Parts in photos are included.
Information about 1972 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple Lot of (5) Motorcycles H1C for sale on this page. See price and photos of the H1 500 Triple Lot of (5) Motorcycles H1C Kawasaki Green Orange Blue Brown
HERE IS A LINK TO 285 CLOSE UP PHOTOS OF THE LOT:[hidden information]@N02/albums/[hidden information]
To view the entire 285 pictures of this lot:[hidden information]@N02/albums/[hidden information]
To View all 285 pics of this lot and parts, copy and paste this link in your browser:[hidden information]@N02/albums/[hidden information]

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Item Information

Item ID: 143511
Motorcycle location: East Syracuse, New York, United States
Last update: 16.01.2020
Views: 183
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1972 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple Lot of (5) Motorcycles H1C Used 500L
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