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Used 1971 Honda CT Used 72L

Exterior Color:Gold
Engine Size (cc):72
Sub Model (Optional):Mini Trail
Vehicle Title:Clear
:This bike is a survivor. All original paint and finishes! I think the pictures accurately portray this almost 50 year old classic HONDA CT70.
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Seller Description

1971 Honda CT70 3-speed automatic
All original, time-warp condition.Extremely clean and presents very well.
Original paint with nice patina and no touch ups.
Excellent chrome fenders, aluminum and stainless brightwork.Adult owned, well taken care of and stored indoors for over 45 years!
All tuned up and ready to hit the street or trails.
Starts right up. Idles good. Runs very strong and rides great.
Just serviced with valves adjusted, original carburetor rebuilt and timing set.New battery. Everything works: lights, switches, brakes and horn.Excellent exhaust and seat with good pan and original upholstery.Original and complete Honda tools in tool-pouch under seat.Nice, original Bridgestone 'Trail Wing' tires on straight rims.
Hard to find in this condition.
CA. Title (pink slip) in hand.CA. registration on non-op. (no back fees)CA. blue plate included.
I have other early ct70s available for sale... just ask.Check out my feedback...

people like the bikes they buy from me.I can also recommend a shipper I have worked with before.

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Item Information

Item ID: 110595
Motorcycle location: Malibu, California, United States
For sale by: owner
Last update: 14.03.2019
Views: 1704
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1971 Honda CT Used 72L
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